ProcureCon IT Sourcing 2019

June 18 - 20, 2019

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel

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Tanita Montgomery

Sourcing Excellence Manager - Information Technology, Finance & Human Resources

11:00 AM Panel | The Fight For Cybersecurity: How Sourcing Can Win On the Frontlines

Marriott, Facebook, Ticketmaster- these are just a few victims of major security breaches, and thus, PR nightmares. For too long, cybersecurity has taken a backseat to crisis – so has the time come to take a more proactive approach? With hackers waging war with increasingly sharper skills and reach, the need to shield your enterprise has never been more vital. From enterprise wide data systems to mobile devices and even printers, nothing is safe. In order to approach the battlefield, however, sourcing must have a thoroughly clear understanding of the weapons they need to fight. In this panel, hear varying perspectives on what sourcing can do to form a strong shield of protection, and keep its organization safe and sound.

  • How to forge a strong working relationship with the InfoSec team
  • How secure are security keys and privacy filters?
  • Including contracts clauses to assess security parameters and hold suppliers accountable for data security
  • Developing a contingency disaster recovery plan 
  • Is it better to take a proactive or reactive approach?

2:15 PM Workshop | Risky Business: Mitigating IT Vendor Risk

There is perhaps no greater concern for businesses today than that of cyber risk. But cyber risk is just one of many risks you need to watch out for when negotiating agreements with your IT vendors. This illuminating case study will engage you with how to:
·         Develop a risk methodology for existing vendors
·         Prioritize which IT vendors to focus on
·         Negotiate services related to cybersecurity – how do you ensure you’re only getting what you really need?
·         Develop a risk methodology for existing vendors
·         Be seen as a true partner to your IT organization.

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