ProcureCon IT Sourcing 2020

June 16 - 18, 2020

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel

ProcureCon Continues to Benchmark the Relationships Between IT and Procurement

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The relationship between CIO and CPO is one that holds a high degree of significance for the majority of organizations. With a moment in time defined by digital transformations, technology change is becoming one of the most critical factors impacting overall performance of organizations.

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While CIOs will always retain influence over the technology sourcing decisions within their organization, the critical implications of selecting the right SLAs and negotiating software contracts that leave room for continuous upgrading and the pursuit of best-in-class performance means that procurement's skillset shines in tandem with IT more than ever. At this point, only 9% of respondents feel that no collaboration is necessary between the leaders of their IT and procurement groups, reflecting the importance that coordination holds

Another concern that procurement and IT are facing together also revolves around the implications of new technology adoption. Specifically, these organizations are working to understand the impact of the cloud on questions of security and data management. Currently, 76% of respondents are collaborating at least somewhat on the development of a shared strategy, with 37% stating that IT security strategy is a shared responsibility between the two departments. Conversations around risk are part of an overall evolution in the way that CIOs and CPOs relate to each other. Each department has come to realize that the critical nature of their mission must be supported by skillsets that the other possesses. This in turn leads to a situation where procurement is evolving the skillsets on their own teams in order to help bridge communications between them an IT.

For an in-depth look at the data collected, as well as input direct from thought leaders in IT procurement, stay tuned for the release of ProcureCon's CIO-CPO collaboration study, to be released May 26th.

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