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Reports & Studies

CPO Study 2017: Exploring the Role of Technology in Procurement Strategic Transformation

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The role of procurement is changing, though the core commitment to creating value that drives its evolution remains the same. In a large part, these changes are being enabled by developments in the technology procurement has at its disposal, allowing CPOs to introduce automation, self-service buying, and detailed analytics that provide more easy-to-use tools that capture larger amounts of data. For these reasons, a center-led model is emerging as the preferred organizational structure for procurement within global organizations. In the midst of these structural changes, the role of the CPO itself is being imbued with the authority to influence the larger strategies of the businesses they serve. With increasingly detailed analytics providing insight on patterns of spending, streamlined tools for processing routine purchases, and invigorated relationships with other department heads, CPOs are entering a period where they are more influential than ever before.

Key topics include:

  • Centralization of procurement may not mean scrutiny of purchases made across a global organization; rather, a Procurement Center of Excellence now serves as a strategic command center and provider of consultative value optimization, while recognizing that certain commodities cannot be effectively globalized.
  • Procurement is looking forward to greater levels of automation, Big Data utilization, and more internal client-friendly sourcing tools in order to transcend the tactical focus of their roles, fully dedicating themselves to strategy.


Building the Case for Third-Party SAP and Oracle Support

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This guide is designed to help sourcing, procurement, and financial resources build a bulletproof business case for comparing SP support with third-party support. It is imperative to educate yourself, know your rights, and ensure cross-functional alignment early in the due diligence process. This guide also provides countermeasures for dealing with the imminent offensive coming from SAP or Oracle and addresses concerns that will likely be raised by your IT colleagues. All stakeholders want to ensure that Oracle and/or SAP applications remain highly available, reliable, and stable. But you don't have to overpay for ongoing support of your enterprise software applications. A fair and balanced assessment will drive the right decision for your organization. 

ProcureCon IT Sourcing 2017 Attendee List

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Procurement’s Role in Driving Innovation and Technology Best Practice

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After the economic downturn a few years ago, CEOs have now shifted from basic cost cutting measures to focusing on growth and innovation. Given the critical nature of ERP systems for supporting the daily functions of a business, any savings must still preserve the high level of performance required. Ultimately, the path towards increased efficiency and value around ERP support will be achieved through a close collaboration between IT and procurement, with each department playing a vital role in educating the other and exploring all possible options around unlocking value.

Key topics include:

  • Procurement's responsibility for driving business innovation
  • ERP software maintenance costs
  • Managing ERP maintenance spend
  • Challenges negotiating with the software mega-vendors
  • Myths around third-party software support

Proving Procurement’s Strategic Value in IT Sourcing

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With the continuing growth of IT spend, companies are looking to procurement as a means of reigning in this spending through the department's ability to create value. With IT's historic independence when it comes to sourcing solutions, internal communication will become a major component in strengthening the dynamic between business units.

Key topics include:

  • What does a procurement team for IT look like in 2015?
  • Procurement’s influence in sourcing and view of IT spend
  • Understanding what goes in to a service migration

Payments Supply Chain Finance E-Invoicing Guide 2017

2016 has been an exciting year for the payments industry, and 2017 is looking to be just as exciting. The new regulations, the explosive growth of non-bank players and increased collaboration, competition, and coopetition are all set to challenge the existing state of affairs in the payments industry.

How is digital transaction banking shaping the industry, how PSD2 and API will change the banking industry, what is the impact of faster payments in Europe, these are all subjects of this report. Moreover, what are the major cybersecurity, risk and fraud aspects in transaction banking, which are the drivers in B2B payments scene, what are the most relevant supply chain finance developments, and what are the main characteristics of the e-invoicing market.

The 2016 ProcureCon IT Benchmarking Report

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It’s an exciting time for IT and IT Procurement, as the increasing prevalence of the cloud promises new opportunities for a more agile approach to delivering software and infrastructure. With many in the IT procurement field predicting up to 20% growth in their cloud spending within the next couple of years, the technology’s adoption is as rapid as it is promising. This creates its own set of challenges for procurement.Ultimately, the increasing complexity of negotiations and contract terms means that the relationship between procurement and IT must be stronger than ever, and a collaborative approach to controlling technology spending will become more essential.

Key topics include:

  • Increasing centralization of procurement processes and adopting a center-led framework where necessary
  • Adopting solutions that can provide visibility into both SaaS and on-premises software
  • Leveraging software license entitlements to reduce license consumption

ProcureCon for IT Sourcing 2016 Attendee List

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Want to see who you'll meet at ProcureCon for IT Sourcing 2016, June 6 - 8 at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center? Check out the 2016 Attendee List to see who's going to be onsite!  

Maximizing Value in Software and Cloud Services Procurement

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As enterprises move into virtualization and cloud services, the already difficult task of optimizing software and IT infrastructure procurement becomes even more challenging. To optimize software and cloud services spend in this increasingly complex environment, the procurement team needs broad and deep visibility into the enterprise software and cloud infrastructure environment, its vendors, and its users.
Read the “Maximizing Value in Software and Cloud Services Procurement” white paper to learn how software license optimization is the key to maximizing the value of enterprise software and cloud services to your organization.

Leveling the License Audit Playing Field

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Many Software Companies are increasing the frequency with which they audit their customers.
Even though some of these audits are hidden under the guise of a friendly Software Asset Management (SAM) engagement, an audit is an audit no matter what you call it. The number of audits is increasing dramatically because the SAM process has demonstrated a huge return on investment in terms of increased revenue for the Software Company.

The amount of data required for an audit—in order to determine what licenses you own, what products you
have deployed; and how many licenses you actually require—can be overwhelming. Companies that are facing an audit can often be frozen by the complexities and sheer volume of data presented.
Software Companies are becoming experts at this audit game. They train their audit partners to be very
conservative in how they view the data and to present the facts in their favor.

As a business, you need to be proactive in managing the audit experience. This book is designed to help you understand what’s involved in an audit and how you can protect your organization’s interests.

The Science of Negotiation with SAP

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This ten-minute guide introduces considerations you may want to take into account when developing a strategy and approach for SAP audit negotiations. Being better prepared, with deep insight and a comprehensive understanding of SAP usage will pay dividends. An optimized SAP deployment that is continuously maintained and managed will give an organization ‘the upper hand' when faced with an audit enabling it to negotiate from a stronger position and indeed benefit by the tune of millions of dollars in savings.

Managing Your Oracle Database Licenses

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This document introduces the basic principles of managing and optimizing the licensing of Oracle databases across the enterprise. It will help you understand the key components of a successful Oracle Software Asset Management (SAM) strategy and provide tips for using the intelligence provided by SAM technologies to reduce both the likelihood and cost of an Oracle audit.