ProcureCon IT Sourcing 2018

June 19-June 21, 2018

Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center, CO

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7:45 AM - 8:45 AM BREAKFAST

7:45 AM - 8:45 AM Women in Procurement Breakfast

Women bring a different perspective to procurement and supply chain management and are increasingly becoming an integral part of many supply chain organizations. The ever-popular ProcureCon Women in Procurement Breakfast returns to provide an intimate setting for executives to discuss the challenges women in procurement face and celebrate their successes. Participation provides you with access to a growing network of peers you can connect with throughout the year. Limited to 30 participants.

8:45 AM - 8:50 AM WELCOME


9:00 AM - 9:25 AM Keynote Presentation: IT Procurement: Champions of Digital Transformation

Shara Holliday, Director, Strategic Sourcing, Microsoft
IT Procurement teams are uniquely positioned to identify and execute digital transformation opportunities across the business and within the Procurement function. Learn what digital transformation is, areas of industry focus and how you can champion transformation within your Procurement function to improve customer experience, drive operational efficiency and ultimately, greater business agility.

Shara Holliday

Shara Holliday

Director, Strategic Sourcing

9:25 AM - 9:50 AM Keynote Presentation: Internet of Things and Sourcing: Powering 7 Billion Uber rides.

Rahul Vijay, Head of Telecom Sourcing, Uber
From IoT connections in self-driving cars and trucks, in cars that map the streets and in restaurants that power uberEats, IoT sourcing and strategy has evolved to keep up with the changing times. In this presentation, find out how sourcing expertise and relationships power this next wave to tech.

Rahul Vijay

Rahul Vijay

Head of Telecom Sourcing
Often, the smartest solutions are ones you've never heard of, and to find them, sourcing needs to look beyond the usual suspects and widen the net to new suppliers and products. If procurement is going to be a valued instrument of change at its organization, it must move away from just finding a cheaper way of working, and look for innovative suppliers that can revolutionize the existing business and make a significant impact on the bottom line. Change can be scary, however - so is the next big thing worth the risk? Find out in this illuminating panel.

  • Convincing stakeholders to take the leap
  • Sourcing and contracting in an agile environment
  • How to assess if an innovative supplier or product is a good fit
  • Negotiating liability-Where do you draw the risk line?
  • Creating flexible contracts with startups
  • Working with proofs of concept

Grant Robinson

Grant Robinson

Executive Director - Head of Global IT Procurement
Estee Lauder

Lisa Tharaud

IT Procurement Business Partner and Global Category Manager
Fraz Baig

Fraz Baig

Senior Manager, Indirect Procurement
Ace Hardware
Chaitra Garalapuri

Chaitra Garalapuri

Strategic Sourcing Manager (IT)
Gap Inc.

Ridouane Amallah

Sourcing Director, Head of Digital Technology & Innovation
EMD Millipore Corp.

10:40 AM - 10:50 AM ProcureCon Partner Presentation With Client

10:50 AM - 11:20 AM AM BREAK

11:20 AM - 11:45 AM Case Study: Applying Voice of Customer: The Importance of Understanding Stakeholder Requirements to Develop Standard PC Profiles

Robert Pick, Manager, Sourcing - Lifecycle Management, FedEx Services
Despite the rise of the smartphones, the desktop computer industry is not dead and PCs continue to play a critical role within enterprises in the 21st century and determining PC requirements based on the job function is vital to enabling productivity. This session provides a case study as to how FedEx Sourcing engaged key stakeholders to reduce the number of PC configurations, determine requirements, and established common PC profiles to leverage spend and reduce support.

Robert Pick

Robert Pick

Manager, Sourcing - Lifecycle Management
FedEx Services
Vendor management programs that focus only on savings and service-level agreements most likely fail to capitalize on some of the best opportunities, and could get left behind if they don't know what lies ahead. With this in-depth panel, we'll focus on trends and disruptive changes that will take IT vendor management beyond 2017, and how you can begin to incorporate them into your organization.

Vikki Vlastnik

IT Sourcing Manager
Wendi Martin

Wendi Martin

Senior Director, Vendor Management Office, Office of the CIO
Dell Technologies

Dacquiri Connors

Director of VMO, MTS group
Eddie Cedeno

Eddie Cedeno

Senior Manager, Corporate Procurement
Andrew Russell

Andrew Russell

Sr. Manager, IT Vendor Management Office
Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

12:25 PM - 12:55 PM Wrap-Up Roundtables: Lessons Learned and Takeaways

Saying goodbye is hard, especially after an inspirational three days at ProcureCon IT Sourcing with old and new friends and colleagues alike. We’re hoping this wrap-up will give you the closure needed to package all of your takeaways with a neat little bow to take back to work on Monday morning.
These free flow discussions will be your chance to take a deep dive into the specific areas you came to discuss and what the future of IT procurement looks like to you.
•Share your one “A-ha!” moment from the conference
•What are two things you heard this week that scare you?
•I wish…