ProcureCon IT Sourcing 2019

June 18 - 20, 2019

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel

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07:15 AM - 08:15 AM Registration and Breakfast

08:15 AM - 08:20 AM Welcome Remarks

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08:20 AM - 08:30 AM Chairman Opening Remarks

Michael Shaw, CEO and Executive Board Chairperson, ACSPE


Michael Shaw

CEO and Executive Board Chairperson
In the modern landscape of IT sourcing, showcasing value to IT is essential for a successful sourcing relationship. While it's imperative that procurement has the IT knowledge to bring recommendations to the table, it's just as vital IT gains a thorough understanding of the value, savings and quality sourcing can bring. This in-depth interview with a leading CIO And CPO will delve into what it takes to build and sustain a strong working relationship between the two organizations and how that relationship will develop in the technology enabled future, because the reality is: there's no power if there's no partnership. Key topics include:
• Cultivating and maintaining an effective balance between IT's choice of products and services and the art of sourcing for value
• Who really owns IT spend?
• Aligning goals and KPIs across business units so success can be measured equally
• How procurement can get involved in the CIO's project and budgeting meetings at the beginning of the process
• Effectively demonstrating the value of your product and service proposals to IT and learning the expectations of the CIO


Michael Shaw

CEO and Executive Board Chairperson

Jaynene Hapanowicz

Senior VP Dell IT Operations and Technology Services

Mike Owens

Vice President, Global Shared Services

09:00 AM - 09:20 AM Stacking Up: Measuring And Maximizing The Effectiveness Of The IT Supply Chain

Marc Ruzicka, Senior Manager of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement, Walmart eCommerce
Technology has enabled Procurement professionals to measure how well its Supply Chain is satisfying both its internal and external customers. Levels of customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty lead to customer retention and re-purchase throughout the customer life-cycle and inevitably determine profitable growth. As a result, it's become vital that procurement continually monitors how well it's delivering on the promise to its customers to constantly and seamlessly deliver quality products, services, and support. In this enlightening presentation, learn the latest ways the IT category is delivering on this promise by providing a robust Supply Chain that continually delivers innovation, complexity reduction, and custom solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Marc Ruzicka

Senior Manager of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
Walmart eCommerce
It's crystal clear: the future of IT lies in the cloud. So how can you sharpen your edge when moving from a perpetual license to a subscription based service? Simple: by knowing the cloud, its costs, and complications inside and out. This informative panel will cover:
• The basics: Clarifying the differences between SaaS and the cloud, and private, public and hybrid cloud
• What the latest tips and tricks are for negotiating and contracting in the cloud, and how you can determine what service level agreement is the best fit for your organization
• Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership of the cloud - what is the financial case for moving to the cloud, and are the desired cost benefits really being achieved?
• What are the important IT and data security issues and regulations you need to be aware of when migrating to the cloud, and how do you best prepare for them?
• How does sourcing deal with a lack of maintenance offered by cloud services?
• What should procurements role be throughout the sourcing, negotiating, contracting and ongoing lifecycle process? Is there a better way to organize your team by expertise in the matter?
• What happens when your suppliers move to the cloud?


Michael Shaw

CEO and Executive Board Chairperson

Dave Quillin

Manager, Procurement
Alliant Credit Union

Li Jacobson

Director, Vendor Management & Sourcing Office, Kohl's Technology
Kohl's Department Stores

10:00 AM - 10:20 AM Keynote Presentation: Robots, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of IT Procurement

Terry Mattison, Associate Director, IT Global Procurement, Kimberly-Clark
Procurement is a relationship-driven function, but there are forces at work behind the scenes that will completely transform how practitioners work with their IT suppliers. In the ever-pressing need to have things better, faster, cheaper and measurable, what does the IT procurement organization of the future look like, and how can you prepare for these advancements? The future is closer than you think!
• The impact of Robotics Process Automation on procurement processes and headcount
• What skillsets will need to change to succeed where robots and algorithms are the norm, not the exception?
• Can Alexa replace your secretary, or Watson replace your lower-level analysts?


Terry Mattison

Associate Director, IT Global Procurement

10:20 AM - 10:40 AM Keynote Presentation: The Future is Now: The Cognitive Supply Chain

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The days of manual, operational procurement are over and done with - and what procurement and supply chain have done in the past does not reflect its future. Data is the new natural resource that is changing how Enterprises operate, and today's supply chain is more dynamic than ever. Artificial Intelligence is leading the charge in the great march forward. What is so exciting is that we now we have systems that can understand unstructured data and draw insights from all these vast data sources. Imagine a machine that can analyze all your supply chain data and enable you with fast and sound business decisions. In this revelatory keynote, find out what the future really looks like through the lens of the most innovative supply chain technology to ever hit the scene.

Find out how Cognitive Computing and AI can:

• Perform complex analytics to empower your collaboration and decision making
• Enable greater visibility and intelligence into supply chain data
• Offer actionable insights and recommendations to resolve disruptions

10:40 AM - 10:50 AM Audience Q&A With Keynote Speakers

, , Terry Mattison, Associate Director, IT Global Procurement, Kimberly-Clark


Terry Mattison

Associate Director, IT Global Procurement



11:30 AM - 12:15 PM Workshop: Software Licensing Drill Down 1: Microsoft for 2017

Carla Di Castro, Senior Manager, Procurement Services, Global Procurement Services Dept, SanDisk Michael Gray, SAM Specialist Manager/Managing Consultant, Snow Software
In this in-depth workshop, you'll gain an understanding of the latest options in acquiring and renewing Microsoft license, as well as pros and cons of subscription and perpetual software purchases with the company's cloud services slate, including Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online. We'll cover how to best negotiate and contract in this new structure and explore the volume licensing option called Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA or Enterprise Advantage). Learn how to avoid common mistakes when negotiating with Microsoft and maximize the return on your software investment.

Carla Di Castro

Senior Manager, Procurement Services, Global Procurement Services Dept

Michael Gray

SAM Specialist Manager/Managing Consultant
Snow Software


11:30 AM - 12:15 PM Workshop: On the Move: Maximizing Mobility Services and Bringing Your Own Device in 2017

Cynthia Garcia, Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing, Stewart Title Guaranty Company
As mobile devices have become as vital as air, with professional and personal lives becoming more and more intertwined, technology is moving outside of IT and into hands of users. It seems most everyone is in a mobile frame of mind and expects things to function at work as they do in their personal lives. It's crucial, however, that if mobility and BYOD practices are to blend seamlessly with IT, procurement has governance and the proper processes in place. So what are the latest best practices and trends when it comes to making the most out of mobility? Work it out in this in depth workshop. Topics include:
• Determining the best fit for your mobility functions - should you establish an overall policy for your entire enterprise, or should people be able to opt in with their device?
• Should employees be provided corporate liable devices?
• How do you secure devices, what apps do you allow, and what are the overall risks?


Cynthia Garcia

Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing
Stewart Title Guaranty Company


12:15 PM - 1:00 PM Workshop: Software Licensing Drill Down 2: Oracle License Negotiations - Pitfalls and Strategies

Julie Grush, Director, Global IT and Telecom Category Management, Global Procurement, Unisys Corporation , ,
This essential workshop dives deep into Oracle's latest software packaging, licensing, pricing and contracting business practices, and how you can effectively leverage Oracle solutions, maximizing value from your investments. You'll explore Oracle's sales strategies and negotiation tactics, learn how you can boost the strategic value of your Oracle relationship, discuss leveraging market intelligence in ongoing negotiations and examine the delicate art of applying the right relationship management best practices at the right time.

Julie Grush

Director, Global IT and Telecom Category Management, Global Procurement
Unisys Corporation


12:15 PM - 1:00 PM Workshop: Is Hardware Really So Hard? Exploring the Challenges and Solutions of Hardware Purchasing

Geneva Hurtado, Commodity Manager, Applied Materials
When it comes to purchasing hardware, what skill sets are needed, and what are the different revenue models? In this invaluable workshop, learn the components critical to successful hardware sourcing.
• Determine the best hardware fits for your organization by learning to compare processing speeds, power consumptions and storage
• What are some of the newer units of purchase that sourcing professionals needs to be aware of?
• With all the new technology offerings, there's a lot of confusion by providers as they to how they want to monetize - what should you be looking out for?
• Developing a successful relationship with 3rd parties for hardware maintenance


Geneva Hurtado

Commodity Manager
Applied Materials

General Attendee Lunch


General Attendee Lunch

1:05 PM - 2:05 PM LUNCH

Private Lunch


Private Lunch



2:10 PM - 2:55 PM Workshop: Software Licensing Drill Down 3: SAP for 2017

Melissa Drew, Manager, North America Ariba Practice Leader, KPMG US Victor Petricka, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer, Snow Software
SAP licensing is widely known to be one of the most complex models of all the major vendors. Unlike other vendors, SAP bases it's licensing on usage, but to add to the complexity, doesn't always explicitly and unambiguously define usage. In addition, SAP has made significant changes to its cloud contracting structure and terms, which can result in some improved entitlements - but other terms, such as SLA remedies and SAP's ability to diminish functionality and terms, need negotiation to reduce their effect on long-term indirect costs and risks. In this workshop, you'll learn the latest and greatest methods for negotiating SAP licenses, data extraction, termination assistance, reductions for SAP's Preferred Care Offering, as well as explore key differences among SAP's support offerings.


Melissa Drew

Manager, North America Ariba Practice Leader

Victor Petricka

Senior Pre-Sales Engineer
Snow Software


2:10 PM - 2:55 PM Workshop: Who, Where, What? Best Practices in IT Asset Management

Paul Nguyen, Strategic Sourcing Manager-IT, Twitter
Given the growing popularity of cloud and SAAS services, it's often overlooked that technology is ultimately made up of physical devices. Most companies' IT Asset implementation was put in place more than 5 years ago, so the commodity buying strategies are not keeping up with growing, evolving, complex operational demands - as well as the needs of size and scale. The lack of unified flows across Storefront, Inventory Management, Asset and Service management has caused disjointed processes, data and a high degree of low level work. Without an effective IT Asset Management Program (or ITAM) in place, organizations could experience greater IT spend and inefficiencies, plus risk financial drain from security and non-compliance issues - So where can organizations truly achieve savings from an IT asset management perspective, and what are ITAM best practices? Find out in this on point workshop. Topics include:
• Getting executive buy-in (an organization might be able to devote more resources to innovation if it saved money on hardware upgrades with an effective asset management program).
• Where does asset management sit? Procurement or IT?
• Applying IT's analytics to managing assets
• Should procurement work more heavily with IT asset management during negotiations?
• Demonstrating ROI
• Software programs that manage IT asset management
• What trends are being established that challenge the status quo with big manufacturers?


Paul Nguyen

Strategic Sourcing Manager-IT
1. Making The Choice: Apps vs. Suites
Michael Shaw, Founder and Board Member, American Council of Sourcing and Procurement Executives (ACSPE)

2. Take a Load Off: Asset Liquidation And Recycling
Neil Schloss, Procurement Manager, IT, Perdue

3. Sell Them On The Deal: Negotiations With
Randy Roth, Chairman IT Procurement Working Group, Society For Information Management and President, Seprio

4. Keeping Pace with Coming Seismic Shifts in Telecom
Dave Roberts, CEO, Teligistics

5. How To Respond To A Microsoft Audit/SAM Engagement
Mike Austin, Vice President, Method180

6. Oracle Contract Negotiation And Vendor Management
John Emmitt, Manager, Enterprise Marketing, Flexera Software

7. Contracting For Lower Software Support Costs
Amy Barnes Sr. Category Manager, Software, IT Sourcing
Best Buy

8. Exploring IOT
Chaitra Garalapuri, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Technology and Professional Services, Gap Inc.

9. What is Procurement's Role in the Organization's SaaS Optimization Strategy?
Cory Wheeler, VP Services and Customer Success, Zylo


Randy Roth

Chairman, IT Procurement Working Group, Society for Information Management

John Emmitt

Senior Marketing Manager
Flexera Software

Michael Shaw

CEO and Executive Board Chairperson

Chaitra Garalapuri

Category Manager
Gap, Inc.

Amy Barnes

Sr. Category Manager, Software; IT Sourcing
Best Buy

Mike Austin

Vice President
Method 180

Boardroom Sessions

2:55 PM - 3:55 PM Boardroom: Mastering the Fundamentals of IT Sourcing

Frank Raimondo, Global Sourcing Office, Equifax Information Services, LLC
The complexities of the IT category are unmatched. With constant changes in technology advancing at a rapid pace, and the productivity of every department relying on IT, diving in can be daunting. In this boardroom, learn and discuss basic best practices in IT negotiations, licensing, contracts, asset management and much more.

Presentation & in depth discussion


Frank Raimondo

Global Sourcing Office
Equifax Information Services, LLC


4:35 PM - 4:55 PM Keynote Presentation: Keeping A Lid On Costs For Cloud Services

, ,
Cloud adoption is growing rapidly-at a 26% annual rate, and 50% of enterprises are expected to be using hybrid (a combination of public and private) cloud by 2017. With cloud adoption comes the challenge of managing costs for both cloud infrastructure services and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. License compliance risk may be lower than traditional on-premises software, particularly for SaaS applications, but costs can spiral out of control if not managed closely. In this keynote we will discuss the spend management risks associated cloud services and some of the strategies IT Procurement teams can use to keep a lid on these costs using Software Asset Management processes and tools. We'll use Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Office 365 as specific examples of cloud infrastructure services and SaaS applications, respectively that can be managed for better cost efficiency.

To create a truly dynamic and advanced IT sourcing function, it's critical to know the most innovative and disruptive technology trends in the now and future. As IT procurement touches every component of your company, collective efficiency and progression of processes depend on it. In this compelling panel, experts will shed light on current and future trends, and how you can master them.

Explore innovative technologies, including IOT, Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Virtual Reality
How to ease into new technologies in the practical sense and deploy them to your organization
How to stay ahead of the rapidly changing tech curve and know what you need before you need it
How to create a business sense of urgency to kick off rapid technology innovation initiatives, get stakeholder buy-in, and showcase the strong value and potential in the unknown


Linda Chuan

Senior Director of Global Corporate Services & Strategic Sourcing

Michael Shaw

CEO and Executive Board Chairperson

Michelle Little

Manager, Global It Procurement
Google, Inc.

Brad Martin

Senior Director of Product Marketing
PRO Unlimited

Boardroom Sessions

4:55 PM - 5:35 PM Boardroom: Talk To Me: Trends In Telecommunications

Sean Zongker, General Procurement Sr. Manager (IT HW/Telecom), Dell

Big changes in the way telecom equipment is bought and sold, and from whom, will become increasingly prevalent in the near future. The result? The business of telecom could change profoundly. So what does your organization really need when it comes to Telecommunicatons? In this boardroom, we'll discuss the latest trends and how procurement can take advantage of changes brought on by new technologies.

Presentation & in depth discussion


Sean Zongker

General Procurement Sr. Manager (IT HW/Telecom)

General Session

5:35 PM - 6:05 PM Keynote Presentation: War Games: The Battle Against Cyber Risk, and How Procurement Can Win

Gregg Fouch, Associate Director Procurement IT, Telecom, Bayer
There is perhaps no greater concern in IT for their future than that of cyber risk. Between the advent of the cloud and the alarming surge of highly skilled hackers, company data is becoming more vulnerable than ever. So what can Procurement do to increase and enhance cybersecurity? Find out in this illuminating presentation. Topics include:
• How cybersecurity is evolving and why
• How to identify and test vendors for security compliance, risk identification, mitigation or quantification
• 3rd party document sharing solutions - which ones should you avoid, and which provide best security?
• What is the cost implication towards enhanced security?
• What are the latest cybersecurity solutions, and should you work with a big or small provider?
• Best practices in terms of managing security for contractors
• What should be in a contract to protect your customer's data
• What measures can you take to prevent a data catastrophe? If cloud bursts, what is the back up plan?


Gregg Fouch

Associate Director Procurement IT, Telecom

General Session